Maximize Your Advertising Revenue

Advanced Ad Tag Management

Universal Passback and drag and drop ordering gives you the freedom to make changes instantly.  Never wait for changes in your tag waterfall.

Header Bidding

Our Header bidding pits demand sources against each other, giving publishers a clearer idea of the true value of their inventory and how to quickly optimize for maximum revenue.

Data Transparency

Our technology is designed to help solve publisher pain points, improve data collection, and increase transparency.

Data Collection & Reporting

We provide the tools you need record and analyze your impressions and revenue to ensure you are maximizing every ad slot on you site.

We Stop Ad Fraud 

Most Traffic Verification companys are paid to report on suspicious ad impressions. It’s in their interest to have suspicious traffic otherwise they would not have a business model.  

Advance non-human behavioral pattern detection and traffic pattern heuristics.

Over 46 Million Suspicious Browser Fingerprints

  • Data Centers

  • Automated Browsers

  • Incongruous Browsers

  • Iframes

  • Suspicious Proxies

  • Window Size

  • Ad Stacking

  • Invisible Ads

  • Suspicious Website Blacklist

  • Domain Spoofing

Plus many more proprietary bot detection techniques

Just A Few Of The Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Setup & Installation

  • Works with all Ad Networks

  • Universal Passback Tag

  • Drag & Drop Waterfall Managment

  • Header Bidding Integration

  • Bot Detection and Prevention

  • API Integration

  • Advanced Analytics and Reports

  • Customizable Reports

  • Revenue Reporting Tools

  • CPM and Impressions Calculations

  • Dedicated Customer Support

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